Frequently Asked Questions


The goal of this site is to present architects and building professionals with an up-to-date, relevant search engine for environmentally friendly building supplies and products.

Created and maintained by The Collaboration for High Performance Schools (CHPS), the product database allows manufacturers to submit products directly into the database (pending claims reviewed by CHPS), and provides the public with a reliable source for healthy, environmentally-friendly products.

Table of Contents

1.  How to use this site?
2. How do I navigate through the site?
3. How do I set up an account?
4.  How do I set up my company?
5. What is the difference between the different types of users?
6. How do I invite and manage new users (Primary Users Only)?
7. How do I set up my company profile and submit products?
8. How do I save Product Information for Later?
9. What are Environmental Caution Flags?
10. How do I submit products for review?
11. How much does it cost to submit products and attributes?
12. What is the product review process?
13. What information will be required for the site?
14.  What do the product and attribute statuses mean?
15. What are Caution Flags?


How to use this site

The main purpose of this site is to allow manufacturers to submit their products to the CHPS Products Database (products will be posted only after passing a CHPS administrative review). At any point, information that is being entered into forms on the site can be saved using the “Submit” button, and returned to later.

The order in which information is entered is important. Contact and Facility information should be entered before you begin to enter product information. This is because the contacts and facilities are used to populate drop-down menus in the product entry pages. Follow the navigation tabs from left to right.

The typical process for using the site is as follows:

    1. Create a new company account by registering with the CHPS Products Database.
    2. Add contacts in the Contacts tab that will relate to the products you will be submitting (sales contacts and technical contacts). Any additional company members that you invite (see below) to be members of the site will fill out their own contact information and should not be listed twice in the Contacts tab.
    3. Add any production facilities associated with the products you will be submitting under the Facilities tab.
    4. Under the Products tab, select Add Product.
    5. After completing and submitting the Product information form, use the Add Attribute link on the Products & Attributes review page to submit environmental attributes relating to your product. Any product submitted to the database must have at least one attribute.
    6. Once you finished entering all the data and are ready to submit your products for review. Click on Submit Product for CHPS Review at the top of the Products & Attributes review page.
    7. Proceed through the shopping cart and checkout to pay for the review.
    8. Products that have been submitted for CHPS review will be locked down to any further edits or changes.
    9. You will be notified by a CHPS admin once the review is done. If your product passed it will be posted onto the products database, and will be made visible to the general public through the product search section.

Additional attributes may be added to posted products at any time using the Products & Attributes review page (by clicking on View in the Products tab). Any new attributes will have to pass an administrative review and will incur additional review fees.

How do I navigate through the site?

Every time you or one of your company members logs in to the site, you will land on your company home page, which consists of four tabs:

-   Company
-   Contacts
-   Facilities
-   Products


Your company’s profile information is displayed here. You may edit any of the information via this tab.


All registered users contact information will be displayed here. In addition, you will need to enter the contact information for any sales contacts or technical contacts for the products submitted to the database:

Sales Contact – This information will be made public. Enter contact information that potential buyers will see and use.

Technical Contact – This information will be kept private. Enter contact information for technical people that may be contacted by CHPS administrators during the product review process in regards to environmental attribute claims.


Enter information for all manufacturing facilities used to manufacture the products being submitted to the CHPS Product Database.


Use this tab to enter products you wish to submit, as well as review products already submitted, add attributes to products, or finish filling out forms for products not yet submitted.

All products must pass an administrative review and incur a review fee before being published on the database and made public.


How to set up an account?

1. To set up an account, direct your browser to https://chpsregistry.com/live/.

2. Click the “Create new account” link just below the User login section on the left side.

3. Create a username, enter your email address and fill out your contact information. You will receive an email with a temporary password and instructions for logging in.

4. Once logged in, create a new password, review your contact information and proceed to complete your company profile


How to set up your company (Primary Users Only)

1. After submitting your contact information during registration, you will next fill out information about your company.

2. Enter information about your company in the form. Contact information for your company is optional and would include any general contact email or phone number (i.e. info@yourcompany.com).

3. Once you have created the account, you can begin to enter your company’s information:

  • Create a Username
  • Your email address
  • Your full name
  • Your roles/responsibilities (this may be your job title if that explains your role in submitting products to the CHP database.
  • Your company address, city, state, zip, country
  • Your phone number(s)
  • Scroll Down and click “Submit”.

5. Now, you’ll need to click the Contacts tab above and click the Add Contacts link to add marketing and technical contacts associated with the products you will be submitting. The marketing contacts will display under Product Details when a public user searches for products on the database. Technical contacts may be needed so that CHPS can contact them during the product review period and will not be made public.

  • Note that any users you will invite to join your company account (Registered Users) will fill out their own contact info and do not need to be entered twice.

6. After entering your product contacts, click the Facilities tab to enter general information about each facility where the product(s) are manufactured. You can enter multiple facilities for each product and/or multiple products for each facility.

You are now ready to begin submitting products to the database.


What is the difference between the different types of users?

There are three levels of user access to company information: primary, secondary and tertiary.

  • Primary user: Each company has exactly one primary user or Administrator.  Whoever creates the company is the default primary user, but can give away these privileges. A primary user can also create products and attributes, and pay the fees for CHPS administrative review.
    • This user can invite new users to join the database, and determine their level of access.

  • Secondary users: These users can create products and attributes, and pay the fees for CHPS administration review.  A company can have many secondary users.

  • Tertiary users: These users can create products and attributes, but they CANNOT pay the review fees.  A company can have many tertiary users.


How to invite and manage new users (Primary Users/Administrators Only)?

Inviting new company members:

  • Click on “Invite Members” on the left hand column.
  • Enter the new user/s email address (you may enter up to 5 emails).
  • Enter a personal invite message in the Personal Message box (optional).

Managing users:

  • Click on “Manage Users” on the left hand column.
  • Under the “list” tab, you will see all members of you company registered with the database.
  • Click “remove” to delete users.
  • Click “Admin: Create” to transfer you Primary User/Administrator Role to another registered user.



How do I save product information for later?

At the bottom of each page there is a Submit button. Once clicked the information in the form will be saved until further input until the product is submitted for review.

To continue working on a saved product (that has not been submitted), click on the View button next to the product from the products tab list view.

What are Environmental Caution Flags?

Caution flags may be displayed whenever there are potential environmental concerns or tradeoffs that may be associated with a particular product category or attribute. Caution flags may be removed from a specific product if the manufacturer can demonstrate that measures have been taken to alleviate these concerns by a CHPS administrator.

How do I submit products for review?

  • Once you entered all the product information, click on the Submit Product for CHPS Review button on the top of the Products & Attributes review page. Alternatively you can click on Shopping Cart on the left hand column.
  • From the shopping cart page, proceed to the checkout once you complete your review. You may also remove some products temporarily from the cart for later payment by selecting the check boxes next to the appropriate products and clicking on Update Cart. You may then proceed to Checkout once the cart has been updated.
  • Enter your billing information in the checkout page, and proceed to Review Order.
  • When you finished going through the online payment, click on the Complete Transaction button to be directed back to the main site.


How much does it cost to submit products and attributes?

In order to maintain the quality of information and products on our website, CHPS admin reviews all products and attributes before allowing them to be published on the public side of the database.  The fees pay for the review process.  They are not a guarantee that your product will be published on the website. 

You can view the most up-to-date fees here: https://chpsregistry.com/live/about/fees

If you wish to submit additional attributes to your product after it has already been submitted and posted on the CHPS Products Database, you will only be charged the attribute review fee.

What is the product review process?

CHPS will be reviewing the information you submit about your products to determine whether they conform to the requirements laid out in the guidance document Procedures and Minimum Standards for Product Inclusion into the CHPS Database (Version 2.0) and in the CHPS Criteria.

What information will be required to submit my product(s)?

It is important to enter the information in the following order:

  • Company Information
  • Contacts
  • Facilities
  • Products

Here is a list of the data that will be collected on the site:

Company info:

  • Company Name
  • Company Website URL
  • Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country
  • Main Phone Number

Contact information for each product (e.g. technical and marketing contacts):

  • First, Last Name
  • Title
  • Address, City, State, Postal Code, Country
  • Phone Number, Email address

Manufacturing Facility location info:

  • Facility Name
  • Address, City, Postal Code, Country
  • Facility Main Phone number

Product information:

  • Product Name
  • Product ID #
  • Construction Specifications Institute - CSI#
  • Product Category, Subcategory
  • Description of product
  • Image of product (formats accepted: jpg, jpeg, png, gif)
  • Product website URL
  • Optional info such as warranty, return policy info, etc.

Product's Environmental Attributes (e.g. recycled content, low emitting material, etc.)

  • CHPS Conformance (e.g. ME4.1, EQ2.2, etc.)
  • Manufacturing Facility (this will be a drop down menu created from the facility information you entered above)
  • Product Technical Contact (this will be a drop down menu created from the contact information you entered above)
  • Certification Information (e.g. name of 3rd party certifier, 3rd party lab, self certified, etc.)
  • Certification Program (if applicable)
  • Certificate Number (if applicable)
  • Certification Period start and end dates (if applicable)

A valid credit card with billing information will be needed to submit products for review.


What do the product and attribute statuses mean?

Product and Attributes not yet submitted for payment or review.

Product and/or Attributes paid for and awaiting CHPS Admin review.

Product and/or Attributes approved by CHPS Admin and may be viewable by the public via the public Search page.

Product and/or Attributes pulled from public search by CHPS Admin.  Please contact CHPS for more information.

Product and/or Attributes pulled because there are no published attributes, most commonly because your last remaining publishable attribute has expired.

Product/Attribute needs to be renewed, and will expire when the grace period ends.  If you renew now you pay the renewal rate and your items will stay published in the Database database.  When the grace period ends, your product/attributes will be pulled and you will need to pay the full review fee.

Product and/or Attributes annual renewal date and grace period has passed.  Your product/attributes will be unpublished. You will need to pay your renewal fee, and your product will need to be reviewed pending publication.

Your expired Product and/or Attributes has been renewed and is pending CHPS Admin Review to determine publication.

Attribute certificate needs to be renewed, and will expire when the grace period ends.  Uploading a new certificate will require CHPS Review and may have to be pulled from the Database.

Attribute certificate has expired and your attribute was pulled from the Database.  To get relisted, you must upload a new certificate and pass a CHPS review.

Attribute certificate has been renewed and is pending CHPS Admin Review to determine publication.

You elected to modify your Product and/or Attributes.  This gives you full ability to change details and upload certifications.  However once submitted, it will be unpublished and must be reviewed by CHPS Admin pending publication.

Product and/or Attributes have been rejected by CHPS Admin Review.  Please review your submittals to make sure there were not any missing documentation or information.



What are Caution Flags?

Caution Flags allow CHPS to address possible environmental tradeoffs in a fair and even-handed manner, so that that the database is truly reflective of the environmental impacts of the products.

A caution flag is an assumed tradeoff. This tradeoff can be based on a product type, its manufacturing location, or any other component of product information. If CHPS decides that an environmental caution is warranted, it will decide on the criteria for products to receive that flag. All products meeting the criteria can potentially have that caution flag. Caution flags are always described as being a possibility, as opposed to being a known fact.

A supplier can address the caution flags through an LCES screening. If the screener or a CHPS reviewer thinks that they have positively addressed the issue, they can note this in a publicly viewable way.

Caution Flag Definitions

Rapidly Renewable - Rapidly Renewable may present significant environmental tradeoffs across the product life cycle. Additional review is recommended.

Facility Country - This product is manufactured in a location where there is insufficient information on environmental standards and enforcement. Additional review is recommended. Countries that may have lax environmental standards include: China, India, Afghanistan, the Dominican Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Ukraine, Zambia. Countries can be added and/or deleted at CHPS' discretion.

Self-Declared - This is a Self-declared claim made by the manufacturer. These claims are being made by the manufacturer without third party certification or verification.

Certifier Pending Review - The certification was conducted by an organization that does not appear on the list of CHPS-approved third parties at this time. Until the organization is reviewed by CHPS, the veracity of this claim remains uncertain.